Everything I Know about Oklahoma

Within the repository of useless information otherwise known as Roger's Brain, there's an Okie File. A smallish compendium of facts about the great state of Oklahoma. 

Being one of those people who know 2 or 3 facts about damn near everything, I have many such files between my ears. That was my impetus for starting up this blogsite, a way to channel all this useless or near-useless information into an entertaining format. Also a catharsis of sorts for me, getting it out of my system- or at least objectifying it in two-dimensional form.  Anyway. 

I should say here at the outset that I've never been to Oklahoma, and don't know anyone from there. Once, as a road musician during the Winter of 1985 I was on a bus that drove through there- and I did wake up for a few seconds, so I guess I could say I've been there. Those few seconds were enough to satisfy my curiosity.

No, my motivation to learn about Oklahoma came from a fairly cute girl who worked in one of those convenience/pharmacy kinda places near where I worked. A few of us from work had a walking group, and we'd stop in there on our breaks. I never had a chance to lay my Okie info on her, but here it is:

Oklahoma is the 46th State in the Union. It became a State on November 16, 1907. It has a large American Indian population, with over 25 Indian languages/dialects spoken. The word oklahoma comes from two Choktaw Indian words okra and humma, meaning red people. Choktaw is actually taught in the Colleges there. 

And there you have it. Everything I know about Oklahoma. I know that in early American history it was designated to be home to the Indians, who were moved further westward. In contemporary history, Oklahoma City was home of the bombing by Tim McVeigh. Given its location between Texas and Kansas, probably a more conservative State as far as its political and social weltanschauung. They probably like their NFL, God and barbecues just like their adjacent States.

Always wanted to use that word. Weltanschauung. My favorite German word. World view. Oklahoma, to get back to it, is home to  former Lightweight Boxing Champion Sean O'Grady, a few race car drivers whose names I never did know, and of the late Michael Hedges, who was a guitarist and composer who saw some public renown. He and I were classmates at Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore, MD, both of us composition majors. 

And that is all I know about Oklahoma. Maybe a bit more bun than burger here, more sizzle than steak as far as this article, but some knowledge bases are deeper than others. This one is pretty much a wading pool. Nonetheless, hope you enjoyed our brief trip. More to come- but probably not about Oklahoma. Well, unless another convenience/pharmacy opens up in the neighborhood...


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