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Everything I Know about Oklahoma

Within the repository of useless information otherwise known as Roger's Brain, there's an Okie File. A smallish compendium of facts about the great state of Oklahoma. 

Being one of those people who know 2 or 3 facts about damn near everything, I have many such files between my ears. That was my impetus for starting up this blogsite, a way to channel all this useless or near-useless information into an entertaining format. Also a catharsis of sorts for me, getting it out of my system- or at least objectifying it in two-dimensional form.  Anyway. 

I should say here at the outset that I've never been to Oklahoma, and don't know anyone from there. Once, as a road musician during the Winter of 1985 I was on a bus that drove through there- and I did wake up for a few seconds, so I guess I could say I've been there. Those few seconds were enough to satisfy my curiosity.

No, my motivation to learn about Oklahoma came from a fairly cute girl who worked in one of those convenie…

The Body Beautiful

Human Physiology and Anatomy is something I've always had a bug for, in one capacity or another.  I had a couple years  in my 20s where I worked out with weights- and from there, learned a little bit about Human Anatomy. I knew about the upper back muscles, called Latissimus Dorsi; the shoulder muscles, called Deltoids, which are three bundles of 7 strands- called Deltoids because of their triangular shape, which resembles the Greek letter Delta. 

All this information was gotten  from Muscle Mags, which I read at the time. As well as useful data and advice, they were interesting from a sociological point of view, being a most unique 'sub-culture' with its cast of characters and various intrigues. 

But as far as any great muscular development, I just wasn't the right guy for the job. I am a mesomorphic ectomorph, a skinny-boned person who can put on some muscle- but not a lot. Unless you've got the genes, there's only so much you can do to improve your physique. W…