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Everything I Know About College Basketball

Well if it were based on actual knowledge of the sport, this article--call it what you will--would already be over. Run the credits, show a cartoon, do what you have to do- we're done!

It's true. Even though I purport to write about it here,  I don't know shit from apple butter about College Basketball. 

  For the most part, sports have always been lost on me. Just never had the knack nor the interest in throwing or catching or otherwise batting around spherical objects, nor in watching others do the same. Added to my lack of aptitude and/or interest was the genetic element: being the son of a non-jock. I remember my Dad joking about he and I catching a Superbowl Sunday and wolfing down  lots of beer and pigs' knuckles!

Dad has been gone for a good while, but he still cracks me up. Beer and pigs' knuckles indeed. How much more primal can you get?! But there is something to be said for playing sports, depending on the quality of the coaching. Learning to work effective…