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Everything I Know about New York City

It's my favorite big city in the world, not that I've visited all that many. Let's see:  Chicago of course, LA, Seattle, Boston, Baltimore and Tokyo. Tokyo would have to be the most populous, with 33 million people. More than all of Canada!

But I digress. Back to New York.  New York City,  specifically Manhattan, has an energy all its own(though perhaps not always the healthiest of energies). Still, it's a place in which I'd have a permanent residence--if I had the means. I love that energy. Also the grandeur and dynamism of its architecture. My kinda town. 

But it didn't start out that way. I went to school out East, in Baltimore MD, in the late 70's, and one early observation of my classmates was that there were basically two types of New Yorkers: 1)those from the actual area, one of the 5 Boroughs; and 2)those from the East Coast who pretended to be from New York. This latter category of folks, with their affectations, turned me off to the experience. So t…