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Everything I Know About Denmark

I'm interested in most everything in this world except  Opera and Politics(though in this area I'm trying more these days)- oh, and most team sports. And even though I'm not much of a traveller, am very curious about the countries of the world, particularly the relatively out-of-the-way places.

All three of the Scandinavian countries interest me, and for slightly different reasons-Norway for its scenic beauty and progressive social programs; Sweden for its progressiveness and what I'd imagine to be some pretty striking scenic beauty.  Denmark is supposed to be a very flat country as far as terrain, so you wouldn't have the killer views, but I like their liberalism/humanitarianism, and their rather warped sense of humor as evidenced in their movies. 

 I'd never really thought much about that part of the world, except as a little kid reading in a book we had at home, on the history of civilization, called The Epic of Man . Lavishly illustrated with beautiful and ev…